Finding Your Dream Home

There are two critical parts of the process of buying your new home. Step one is finding an acceptable house, making a bid, and getting an acceptance. Step two is everything else. When you hire a real estate agent, you should be just as concerned about that agent’s skill sets when it comes to step two, maybe even more so, as for step one.


Step two is the escrow. Escrow is the time after you and the seller have agreed to a contract and the close of the deal. Many, many things can go right or very wrong during step two. The property may not appraise for the agreed upon price, creating issues with the lender. The property may have deficiencies that even the owner was unaware of. The title for the home may have issues that need to be addressed. The city or other local government agency may raise any number of problems.

I have seen it all before, and it is my job to help you through that process. I negotiate each new aspect of the deal as it arises. I help with government agencies, third party suppliers like the escrow company, title company, or appraisal firm. If any of these new issues requires improvements to the home, I have a solid group of real estate and building trades professionals in my network that can help to expedite any needed work.

While talking about the escrow first may seem a bit backward, my experience has shown me that my services may be most valuable in that phase of your purchase.

The property search and offer

When you engage me to help find and buy your new dream home, you are tapping into a massive resource of information, knowledge, and experience. I am fortunate to be part of Coldwell Banker’s top selling real estate office in the world, and our office has had that status for over 20 years.

Coldwell banker is one of the oldest and most trusted names in residential real estate, worldwide. The Coldwell Banker network is continuously recognized for its innovation and leadership across 3,000 offices in 49 countries and territories.

You can be assured that no other agent or agency can provide you with greater access to available properties that will fit your needs.

The Whit Prouty Difference

As a husband and father to two amazing young women, I have learned the importance of being a good listener. It would be so easy to send you dozens of listings or drive you all over town to properties that make no sense for you.

My approach saves both of us a lot of time and aggravation. I dig deep to determine your hopes and goals regarding the purchase. Only after I believe that I have a clear understanding of your needs do I set an agenda, a checklist, for your specific search. You get a copy of the checklist so you can see that we are on the same page, and then hold me accountable to my plan for you.

The Offer

Once we find a suitable potential purchase, I will negotiate for you with every bit of my developed skills and resolve. You will be kept apprised of each and every step of the process. Negotiation goes to more than price. We will make sure to provide as many contingencies as possible to help you have the upper hand in the escrow process.

Let’s Get Started

Call me now at (310) 962-6942 to set up a meeting. I look forward to helping you find a great new residence or investment property.

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